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Phi Sigma Sigma


Welcome to the Theta Tau chapter's website!!
Phi Sigma Sigma is an international sorority that was founded in 1913 at Hunter College in New York. It was the first nonsecretarian sorority that was open to diverse membership. 
The Theta Tau chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma was founded at Lebanon Valley College in 1996. The sorority strives to create an environment that fosters the advancement of womanhood and the growth and development of each member. We currently have 16 sisters on campus.



Phi Sigma Sigma participates both philanthropically and socially on campus. The sorority has socials, mixers, and sisterhood events throughout the year and a formal every spring. We participate in several service projects including raising money for the Ronald McDonald House and the National Kidney Foundation. Phi Sigma Sigma also participates in service projects with the college community such as Relay for Life and the Special Olympics.

The sorority invites any female to attend a social or service event. Sisters are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about Phi Sigma Sigma.

Phi Sigma Sigma - Theta Tau - Lebanon Valley College 1996